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HCDO Assist the Deputy Foundation

The HCDO Assist the Deputy Foundation is dedicated to helping the men and women of law enforcement in Harris County. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity run by law enforcement personnel in order to help fellow deputies, officers, and others working in law enforcement and their families through hard times. The ADF additionally provides law enforcement with needed specialized training opportunities, youth scholarships, as well as law enforcement led service events. This Foundation is an integral part in helping law enforcement families through illness, disasters, and unexpected hardships. 

Donate Today! 


By making a charitable donation to the HCDO Assist the Deputy Foundation, you will help law enforcement personnel ​that have come upon hard times. Donations have helped detention officers with unexpected injuries, have helped the families of fallen deputies with expenses, and have helped dozens of Harris County law enforcement personnel in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters. The organization maintains low overhead so that every dime can go to those in need. Make a donation through Zelle today at

A Message from the Director of the Assist the Deputy Foundation:

The majority of our Foundation revenue comes from the generous donations of HCDO Union members through voluntary payroll deductions of $10 a month. If you are a member of HCDO, we urge you to mark your payroll deduction to contribute to your brothers and sisters in blue. We found in times of grave disaster, this sourcing drains quickly and the Foundation seeks outside donations to help those that put their life on the line for the citizens of Harris County. Please consider making a donation so that we can help as many Deputies, Deputy Constables, Officers, Detention staff, and other law enforcement personnel in Harris County through your generous tax deductible gifts. Call to ask us about corporate sponsorship opportunities.

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